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Shooting Technologies Limited (‘Shooting’) provides limited warranty and off site maintance services for its products. For more details on the warranty period of an individual product, please refer to its warranty certificate.

The terms are as follows:

  1. To ensure that warranty services can be provided for free during the warranty period, a valid warranty certificate and an original copy of the receipt/ invoice from the purchaser must be presented during maintenance, otherwise Shooting reserves the right to refuse the provision of any maintenance services.

  2. If Shooting’s technicians have determined that the purchased product is damaged by non-artificial factors, its parts will be repaired and replaced free of charge during the warranty period.

  3. Shooting’s warranty services do not cover the following:

    1. Damage caused by not following the instructions listed on the manual;

    2. Any parts of the product that are chipped, rusted, water-damaged, corroded, cracked, burned, bumped, destroyed, incomplete, and/ or damaged solely on the surface of the product;

    3. Damage caused by accident, improper use, negligence, improper voltage input, improper installation or testing, unauthorized repair or modification; direct or indirect damage caused by improper use of equipment and/ or abnormal operation of the equipment itself;

    4. The purchase receipt/ invoice is lost, or the purchase date on the receipt/ invoice is altered or missing; and/ or

    5. The original warranty label is removed, altered or incomplete; and the serial number of the product must be the same as listed on the warranty certificate (if applicable).

  4. Shooting only provides hardware maintenance services; any packaging, accessories, frames, consumable parts such as chassis and/ or auxiliary devices are not included in the maintenance service; for example (if any), connecting cables, plug-in parts, wired earphones, plastic clips, built-in batteries, etc. Power adapters are warranted for three months from the date of purchase.

  5. Any damaged parts will be returned to Shooting after replacement. Shooting will not be responsible for any scratches and/ or damages to the product casing caused during maintenance.

  6. Shooting can only provide maintenance services in Hong Kong. Customers are required to carry the product to the service centre on their own.

  7. If the product and/ or its parts are discontinued, or if the extent of damage of the product is too severe to be repaired, Shooting reserves the right to replace the product for its customers without repairing the damaged product.

  8. Unless if the warranty certificate comes with the product, any warranty certificates issued by other companies or persons will not be recognised by Shooting.

  9. Any lost warranty certificates will not be reissued. Customers are advised to safekeep their warranty certificate, and to present the warranty certificate and the purchase receipt/ invoice to Shooting when requesting for product maintenance.

  10. If the warranty period has expired, customers are required to pay any extra fees for basic testing. Any extra fees for parts replacement are calculated separately based on the advice from the manufacturers for individual products.

  11. Please note that Shooting will not provide any door-to-door installations, inspections, repairs, and/ or return services.

  12. In case of any disputes, Shooting reserves the right to interpret and decide on its terms and conditions to its customers without any further notice.

  13. * For more details on the warranty period of each individual product, please refer to its warranty description.

  14. The above Warranty Policy has been translated into English. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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