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Founded in 1999, Shooting Technologies Limited has become one of Hong Kong’s leading distributors in home products and electronic gadgets. With our instantaneous response and high flexibility, we aim to provide the most hospitable products and services within the city. We believe in prioritising the needs of every customer with our dedicated and professional customer services team, in hopes of enabling them to pursue a more convenient and brilliant lifestyle in this digital age.

Our name – Shooting, is derived from Speed and Efficacy, as we are determined to make everyone’s wishes come true as quickly as we can.

We are constantly evolving as a brand to better suit the needs of our customers across different generations. From computer hardware to small-scale home electronics, our range of products has diversified drastically over the last two decades. As of today, we have branched out to sell over 200 products across various realms, including health care and beauty products, mobile gadgets, IT equipment, etc.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary as a company, in 2018, we took our first step into the beauty industry by collaborating with Belulu – a critically-acclaimed cosmetics company in Japan. We were also honoured to receive an exclusive brand ownership of 3C’s Miffy products, bringing the beloved Dutch rabbit into every household in Hong Kong.

In the long run, we hope to preserve the legacy of providing our customers with high-quality products and services, with the introduction of innovative and utility international brands to the Hong Kong market.

Our Origin


To provide the best and the most creative and revolutionary products to satisfy the customers’ pursuit in novelty and edification​

Our Mission
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To ensure that every household in Hong Kong can enjoy the delight and convenience offered by Shooting’s products​



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We offer to sell via hundreds of popular online and in-person platforms, ranging from well-established chain retail stores and bookstores to ever-growing online webstores.

Moreover, we have been participating in numerous local and international retailing exhibitions, which helps expand our customer domain and support our ambitions to become one of the most holistic and well-received retailing companies in Hong Kong.

Over the past two decades, we have been working closely with over 20 world-renowned brands, such as Lunon, 3C Miffy from the Netherlands, Belulu, Souyi, Modern Deco, and Needs Labo from Japan, etc.

To keep up with Hong Kong’s ever-changing atmosphere, we are constantly seeking for collaboration opportunities across the globe to broaden our product range even further.

Our Products
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